| S&J: Whimsical and Chic

 Sarah and Jason: Romance and Whimsy at an old Railroad Station in Savannah

Flowers: Blush Garden Roses, White Ranunculus, White Lilac, Eriostemon, Blush/Muted Lavender Sweet Peas, Lysimachia, Feather Eucalyptus

Vibe: Whimsical, Playful, Hip, Industrial

Savannah Wedding, railroad station, ______

A large, greenery inspired chandelier with flowing ribbons hangs from the ceiling of the Georgia State Railroad Museum. The ribbons pull the wedding’s color theme together in a striking and playful way.

S&J’s wedding  is a beautiful display of well-curated whimsy and personal charm. Inside the Georgia State Railroad Museum, vibrant color and individual style abound, from the use of flowers and plants to the styling of the bridal party. On the table tops, loose, colorful bouquets mixed with a variety of potted plants and dip dyed linens produce a sense of casual refinement. Even through the event is formal and refined, there is no mistaking that you’ve entered the wedding of a stylish and fun-loving couple.

Savannah Wedding, bridesmaids, floral design, whimsical, industrial

Bridesmaids display personality and style in a variety of bold necklaces and differing shades of lilac and blue. Soft, colorful blooms help create a perfect balance of whimsy and sophistication.


Savannah Wedding, floral design, bridesmaids, whimiscal

Uniform bouquets of roses, ranunculus, sweetpeas, and feathered eucalyptus compliment each bridesmaids unique style. The rounded yet loose form helps maintain a cool, laidback vibe.


floral design, potted plants, Savannah Wedding, Industrial, Whimsical

Loose bouquets in shades of blush, fuchsia, lavender and white mixed with potted herbs, succulents, and dip dyed linens create an element of casual refinement.


boutinniere, Savannah Wedding, whimiscal, floral design

The succulents in the groom’s boutonnière play off of his green and white polka dot pocket square.


Savannah Wedding, floral design, industrial, whimsical, flower girl, dogs,

The ultimate in playfulness and personality. A puppy wearing blush spray roses and white ranunculus accompanies the flower girl down the aisle.

Industrial and rustic meets romantic and soft

Thanks to smart thematic threads and a balancing of soft and hard elements, fun, unique pieces harmonize into an extremely sophisticated final result. Shades of soft blue, green, lilac, and pink repeat over and again in new combinations so that all aspects of the event tell the same story. The industrial nature of the venue plus rustic details offer perfect balance to the elements of playful whimsy. The result is a vibrant sense of fun and personality measured by a sophisticated and refined atmosphere.


Savannah Wedding, industrial, whimsical, floral design

Hard meets soft. A large wooden menu board covered in greenery leans against a steal pipe.


Savannah wedding, whimiscal, industrial, floral design

A large fabric backdrop adorned with flowers adds softness to the industrial interior of the Georgia State Railroad Museum.


canopy, italian ruscus, Savannah Wedding, whimiscal, industrial

The lilac canopy draped in greenery and mixed flowers brings a strong element of softness and romance to the space.


Georgia State Railroad Museum, Savannah Wedding, floral design, industrial, whimsical

Industrial elements of wood and steal + dreamy shades of lilac, blue and pink. Together they produce a perfect balance of playful romance and grounded sophistication.


Savannah Wedding, floral design, whimsical, industrial, Georgia State Railroad Museum

Sarah and Jason pull off a gorgeous wedding full of personality and style.





Floral Styling and Design: Harvey Designs

Photographer: Jade and Matthew Take Pictures

Wedding Coordinator:Design Studio South – Lacy McLaurin

Venue: Georgia State Railroad Museum