| H&R: Glam on Forsyth Park

Haydee and Rady: Tradition and Glamour at the Mansion on Forsyth Park

Flowers: Peonies, Ranunculus, Hydrangeas, Garden Roses, Spray Roses, Tulips, Stock, Lisianthus, Veronica, Seeded Eucalyptus, Gunei Eucalyptus, Italian Ruscus

Vibe: Glam, Traditional, Romantic

Savannah Wedding, Forsyth Park, Floral design, glam wedding

H&R’s cocktail hour set-up in the marble courtyard of the Mansion on Forsyth Park.


Haydee and Rady’s wedding takes all the facets of a traditional wedding and moves them in the direction of glam. The wedding starts at Forsyth Park and proceeds to the Mansion on Forsyth. H&R take full advantage of these two Savannah mainstays, enjoying the opulence of the mansion on the heels of a nature-filled day in the park. The daytime ceremony is romantic and soft, with hints of the glamour and glitz that get turned up to 100 at the reception. White and blush merge with shimmering shades of gold and silver. Natural elements in the park blend with glamorous textures for a radiant effect.


Savannah Wedding, floral design, glam wedding, bridesmaids

The bridal party wears mostly traditional shades of white and blush, with some hints of glam.


Savannah Wedding, maid of honor, floral design, glam wedding

The maid of honor’s gold dress with blush undertones brings an element of glitz and glamour to the outdoor event.


Savannah Wedding, flowers, floral design, glam wedding, Forsyth Park

Soft and romantic hues mix with opulent textures for a traditional yet glitzy effect.


Savannah Wedding, glam wedding, Floral Design, Forsyth Park, the Mansion at Forsyth Park,

The wedding moves from the park to the Mansion.


Savannah Weddings, Mansion on Forsyth Park, Floral Design, Glam Wedding

Glamour reaches its height at the reception. Floral arrangements that sit on golden chalices and candelabras bring an element of softness and nature to an otherwise all-out glam event.


Savannah Wedding, Forsyth Park, Floral Design

The bride and groom on the edge of Forsyth Park.


Flower Power

Many of the same flowers are used during the outdoor ceremony and indoor reception, but the effect they have is totally transformed by their environment. In both instances, the hydrangeas create a sense of bounty, bringing roundness and lush softness to the table arrangements. The white and pink peonies bring a similar softness and roundness to the bouquets. There is a sumptuousness to these flowers that is both daytime romantic and evening glam. The addition of blush colored roses and blush colored ranunculus furthers the traditional, romantic vibe of the daytime ceremony. These same flowers add texture and subtle color variation that increase depth and richness of the glammed out reception.


Hydrangeas, blush roses, floral design, savannah wedding

Hydrangeas, blush roses, tulips, lisianthus and stock bring a soft, romantic vibe to the ceremony.



Gold manzanita branches dripping with jewels and soft, loosely gathered flowers come together for a romantic effect in the marble courtyard.


Hydrangeas, blush roses, glam wedding, savannah wedding, floral design

The sumptuous shape and texture of the hydrangeas, the blush color of the roses, and the crystals that drip off the centerpiece add an elevated sense of luxury to the reception.


Savannah Wedding, glam wedding, floral design, hydrangeas, blush roses

Large, rounded bouquets of hydrangeas, roses, tulips, lisianthus and stock transform from soft and romantic to the height of opulence.






Floral Styling and Design: Harvey Designs

Photographer: Izzy Hudgins Photography

Wedding Coordinator:  Posh Petals and Pearls- Crystal Brooks

Ceremony Venue: Forsyth Park

Reception Venue: The Mansion on Forsyth Park