| J&M: For the Love of Greenery

Jocelyn and Mason: A greenery-rich spring wedding on Tybee Island

Flowers: White Peonies, White Garden Roses, White Ranunculus, White Panda Anemones, White Lysimachia, Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Olive, Israeli Ruscus, Italian Ruscus

Vibe: Elegant, Refined, Green, Stately


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With long blue and white ribbons trailing the bridesmaids’ bouquets and with the groom and groomsmen dressed in their military attire, J&M’s wedding is both stately and festive.

Minutes from the beach, weddings on Tybee tend to offer a great mix of southern charm and beach-y atmosphere. Jocelyn and Mason’s wedding hits that mark exactly. J&M’s wedding is a great example of using a simple reoccurring theme and carrying it over into every detail. The abundant use of olive and Italian and Israeli ruscus creates a minimalist and sophisticated vibe. The deep green foliage adorns the bouquets, drapes the stairwell, and creates the J and M hung from the front doors of the chapel. This all blends beautifully with the naturally occurring greenery that covers the outside of the The Tybee Island Wedding Chapel and Grand Ballroom.

Greenery, Italian ruscus, military wedding, Savannah wedding, Tybee wedding, floral design, wedding initals

The bride and groom’s initials created with beautiful Italian ruscus.


Tybee Wedding, Tybee Wedding Chapel, Savannah wedding, military wedding, floral design, greenery

The bride and groom outside of the Tybee Wedding Chapel and Grand Ballroom.

It’s all in the details

Jocelyn’s whole wedding comes together in shades of white, green, and navy. With this level of editing, the details are able to stand out. There is something purposeful and refined about the way the blue and white ribbons of the bridesmaids’ bouquets match both the piping of Mason’s Navy uniform and the dark center of the white panda anemones. Similarly, the white buds of the lysimachia in Jocelyn’s bouquet quietly mimic the pearls of her necklace. The result is a striking and effortless look.

Savannah wedding, Tybee Wedding, lysimachia, floral design, southern wedding, military wedding

Thoughtful and subtle details all around. The lysimachia in Jocelyn’s bouquet organically match her pearl necklace for an extremely sophisticated and pulled-together look.


bridesmaids, Savannah Wedding, Tybee Island, Spring Wedding

The bridemaid’s bouquets with long trailing navy and white ribbon. A detail that pulls together the flowers in the bouquet with the pipping on the groom’s uniform.

bridesmaids, wedding bouquet, bridal bouquet, floral design, southern wedding, Savannah wedding, Tybee wedding

Blue and white ribbons picking up the blue and white center of the anemones.


flower girls, Savannah Wedding, Tybee Island, Spring Wedding

Pure adorableness in navy, green, and white. <3

greenery, savannah wedding, military wedding, tybee wedding








Floral Styling and Design: Harvey Designs

Photographer: Kelli Lynn Photography

Wedding Coordinator:  Posh Petals and Pearls

Venue: Tybee Island Wedding Chapel



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